Praises & Prayers 


  • Successful Amen Clinic
  • Lot of eager volunteeres
  • Health Issues: Ginny Allen, Kathy Baum, Valera Bradbrook, Cindy Collins, Doris Krenzler, Beverly Porter, Larrie Porter Jr., David Reed,Kathy Sargent, Janell Stafford,  Marilynn Williams, Stan and Darlene Wilson, Richard Wright
  • Cancer: Teri Lee
  • Care homes/hospice: Lori Oliver Brenner, Leita Douglas, Al Myrland
  • Mourning: The family of Lee Powell, family of Maria Gonzalez
  • Military Service: Rebekka Bliss Carter, Justin Frantz, Graham & Heather, Katie Keplinger, Chad Leno, Kim Ta, Seth Walter
  • Incarcerated: Brian H, Darrin S, David W, Ronald W

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Updated May 27, 2017