Blog Post from Jon Paulien about the Current discussion at the General Conference

Posted on Oct 19 2018

Some have wanted us to take a larger approach in the discussion going on at Annual Council this year. Yet, for me, I don't think most policy at the GC affects what we do here in our local church. If you are unaware of what is happening, that's okay. The link below was written by Dr. Jon Paulien, the Dean of the school of theology at Loma Linda and he has approached this "compliance" discussion with a measure of grace, balance and support. This was written BEFORE the actual vote.

I send this out to you to simply ask you to 1) keep praying for your world-wide church, 2) Keep praying for the leaders and all that is happening, and 3) Let's stay on mission - to reach people (in discipleship, in evangelism, so we can reach God in worship).

Make a Difference!

Roger Walter, Dmin

Lead PastorĀ 

Adventist Community Church of Vancouver

Director of Outreach (Church Planting and Evangelism)

Oregon Conference of SDA