Read the letter sent to GC president Ted N.C. Wilson

Posted on Oct 05 2018

Oregon Conference Requests GC Adherence to Tithe Policy

In July of this year, the Oregon Conference administration team became aware of tithe from our territory which had been returned directly to the General Conference. While members have the right and ability to do this, our denominational policy clearly defines how this tithe is to be handled. Our concern is that this policy was not properly followed. 

At the direction of the Oregon Conference Executive Committee, our Conference administration has been wrestling with how to properly clarify and address this concern. Over time, it has become clear that the issues at stake are foundational to the future of our church and are worthy of more than our private conversation, but public discourse as well. After much prayerful conversation and consideration, the Oregon Conference administrative team has chosen to make this public appeal to the General Conference.

Read the letter sent to GC president Ted N.C. Wilson on our website...