Note to Parents

Posted on Dec 13 2017

SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Please remember that church is a rather unstructured place by nature. The church has been focused on a few new safety features in light of many opportunities for danger. One of the things we'd like to request is that you keep your children with you. We'd like to ask you to take them to Sabbath School, pick them up after Sabbath School from their classroom, and especially at potluck lunches, please keep your kids with you or another responsible adult. Please don't let them run through the church. This is about safety of the children more than it is about protecting the building or anything else. The children are our greatest asset and we want to make sure they are protected physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In light of the above paragraph.... We've recently made it possible to lock the Worship Center so that during potlucks there can be no "hiding" there. We've been talking about safety issues, active shooter issues, lockdown issues, pedophile issues, and simply securing the areas where people are. We will be installing a camera system after the new year to be able to track what is happening. This is all about safety. Please understand that we are doing our level best to keep you and your kids safe in any and all situations.