Member Vehicle Fund

Posted on Nov 22 2017

We forgot to add into the weekly email. We have started a new fund at the church. In the last year, we've had a few people that have needed vehicles because of financial issues, they have been unable to fix their's, wasn't financially worthy of fixing, or just whatever. The new fund is called, "Member Vehicle Fund"

There is a need for a single mom needing a vehicle now. Her vehicle quit and it will cost more to fix the vehicle ($3,000) than the vehicle is worth. If you want to give online, or in a tithe/offering envelope, just mark it the "Member Vehicle Fund."  We are currently looking to purchase a vehicle that will provide her a much newer vehicle, that is reliable and will be of much help for years to come. 

Please consider helping as this will be an ongoing fund to help others in need. We've raised funds for a vehicle several times, and see that this is going to be a continuing need in the future for others.

Make a Difference! (Matt. 25:31-46)