What's Happening at the Adventist Community Church - July 14, 2017

Posted on Jul 14 2017

God's Closet is coming up faster than you realize. This tremendous ministry touches the lives over about 300 people 4 times a year. Setup and preparation are only 2 and 1/2 weeks away, but it's time to begin thinking how you can help - with setting up the tables, helping with the clothing set up, or greeting the people as they come in. In 3 weeks, some 300 families in our community will invade our church in the nicest possible way, leaving with bags full of gently used clothing and huge smiles. August is a very special God's Closet as families prepare for the new school year. Your donations of clothing, time and funds make a huge difference. New underwear and socks are always welcome. We setup on SundayTuesdayWednesday and Thursday. Teen Shopping night is Thursday, Family Shopping is Friday. Clean-up (not much fun but oh-so-important!) begins at 1 p.m. Friday.  Any time you can spare is helpful.

TOMORROW: Laura Hamilton invites you to a celebration of the Pacific Press’ release of her book “Life In The Valley,” written by Susan Harvey. The book is about her journey from being a conservative Catholic who planned to be a nun to an SDA pastor’s wife and chemical engineer. The celebration potluck will be held on Sabbath, July 15 at 1:30 pm at Morris and Jeannie Bush’s house: 20204 NE 104 Ave, Battleground, WA 98604. Morris’ phone: 921-8155. Please bring a dish, pre-heated. Please text or call Laura (360-606-8541) on how many people are in your party so we can ensure there are enough chairs. The following video explains more about why she wrote the book: www.youtube.com/watch?v=REoDkEdvhcQ&feature=youtu.beWatch the video

Student Aid: If you are a member of our church and need church school tuition assistance for grades 1-12 for the coming school year, please register through your school's FACTS application and ask the school to share the results with our church.

BEGINS TUESDAY EVENING! The Oregon Conference Campmeeting is coming up. The evening speaker is Ty Gibson and they will also be livestreamed. You will enjoy meeting new friends as well as connecting with old friends. the Campmeeting Theme is: It's All About Jesus! You can download the campmeeting book of schedules and information here: http://orgccampmeeting.adventistnw.org/uploaded_assets/294504, or just go here: http://orgccampmeeting.adventistnw.org/

New and Exciting Things in Store as we approach the Fall. The Oregon Conference has asked us to begin modeling to other churches how to reach their communities with evangelistic effort. This will likely include some training events at our church through the year and will enable us to help others as well as strengthen our own ministry. These expanded responsibilities will grow us and hopefully the conference. In order to do this, Roger's responsibilities will expand and shift to include the Director of Outreach for the Oregon Conference (yes, he's staying as the Sr. Pastor also), and we will be adding a third associate pastor to help cover some of the congregational care and administrative responsibilities in the church as well as general issues within pastoral responsibilities. More info to come.

Are you in a Community Group? Community Groups are the life-blood of the church. Ellen White talks about the Prayer Meeting being the heartbeat of the church. This is our prayer meeting. We aren’t the church with a few people involved in prayer, but over half the church are in a weekly prayer meeting mostly meeting in people's homes. This is where we build friendships. This is where the church stays small. This is where we are going to grow in our walk with God as disciples of Christ. If you'd like more information, please see Pastor Roger, Bev Frantz, or call the church office - 360.696.2511

I love being your pastor!

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Roger Walter
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Adventist Community Church of Vancouver
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