Life Journals provide an easy way for you to keep a record of what God reveals to you as you read through the Bible. By using the four easy steps for journaling - cripture, bservation, pplication & rayer (S.O.A.P.), you will be able to respond to God's Word daily and keep a record of what God reveals to you. And in one year, you will have read & responded your way through the entire Bible. Choose Life!

We call it "Doing LIFE Together." Consider what it would mean if everyone were reading together and working their way through the Bible together -growing together. The LIFE Journal is a way in which we can do that. It's all about having a personal devotional life. The how-to's are there, the reasons are there, it's now just about having the personal discipline to follow-through and really grow with God like you've never grown before!  You can download the podcast and listen, or do it yourself.

  1. Download the PDF file with the instructions and reading plan. 
  2. Or just download the reading plan without the instructions
You can also check out the LIFE Journal Reading Plan at on your computer, or smartphone app (all platforms)