2020 2020 Prophecy Countdown Pastor Bill McClendon
2019 EvangeLead Evangelistic Leader Conference
2018 Final Events  Dan Bentzinger
2017 Prophecy Countdown Emmanuel Baek
2017 Reformation Redux Lincoln Steed, Editor Liberty Magazine
2017 Countdown to Armageddon Hiram Rester
2016.02.20 America In Bible Prophecy Lyle Albrecht
2016 The Discipleship Master Plan Dr. Melvin & Juliet Santos
2015.10.23 Islam & Christianity - The Pending Conflict Dr. Roger Walter
2015.05.29 King David - Revival Series Dr. Bob Cundiff Phd
2015.04.08 Church Planting Tara VinCross - REACH Philadelphia
2014.09.05 Prophecies Decoded Dr. Ron Clouzet
2014.04.26 The Gospel Through the Eyes of a Jew Dr. Sasha Bolotnikov
2014.04.17 Uncommon Insights on Jesus the Savior Dr. Ron Clouzet
2014.04.04 Small Groups Training Dr. Don James
2014.03.16 Living by the Spirit Dr. Ron Clouzet